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General English

This very popular English language course prepares students for reading, speaking, listening and writing in an English speaking world. Students who complete this English course can advance to the academic English course. International students can enrol for 1 to 96 weeks. The general English course is offered at both our schools in Wellington and Palmerston North.
Course Purpose:
This course is aimed at students who wish to develop general reading, writing and communication skills useful for everyday life. These skills can be built on later if learners want to pursue academic studies.
Broadly, students will:
- improve their oral fluency in English (speaking skills)
- build their vocabulary and grammar knowledge
- develop study skills and learning strategies
- improve their understanding of written and spoken English (reading and listening skills)
- develop their writing skills
- have an opportunity to learn about New Zealand and other cultures
Example of Course Content:
Grammar, vocabulary development, speaking practice - in pairs; in groups and as a whole class, writing practice both in class and for homework, with appropriate, developmental feedback, general writing skills, coherence; cohesion, reading practice, pronunciation work, presentation skills and practice etc.


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